Plan Takeoff Software

Save time with plan takeoff software. Take off direct from digital drawings to produce material lists that can be used directly or imported into our electrical estimating software to cut estimating time further and present your estimates professionally.

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Plan Takeoff Software
  • Import digital plans and take-off direct from the drawing image on screen.
  • No need to print plans, no need for scale rulers - simply set the drawing size and scale, then start your material take-off.
  • Unscaled drawings can also be used, just calibrate against a know measurement to set the scale.
  • Rescale drawing to suit your screen.
  • Linear runs, drops and rises can be measured with the click of a mouse.
  • Colour coded drawing marked up for quick reference.
  • Items, or full assemblies, can be selected from the parts database.
  • User defined items can also be entered, and added to database for future use.
  • Material take-off lists can be imported into our electrical estimating software
  • Each project holds any number of plans, and each plan supports unlimited sections (multiple overlays of the plan). This is useful on more complex projects where the same plan can be used for lighting, power, fire alarm, for example.
  • List Reports for consolidated material quantities, costs and time.
  • Image Drawing Reports for visuals of cable runs, etc.

If you do not require our electrical database you may prefer the Multi-Trade version.

Plan Takeoff Software Video

An overview of the Plan Take-off software. After viewing the video we can provide you with a fully interactive live demonstration where you can examine the software in detail and ask any questions if you wish.

Check speakers are on, click the arrows icon (bottom right of the video frame bar) to view full size. If your screen is blank you may need to click a bar at the top of your browser to "allow blocked content".

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Plan Take-Off Videos

The overview video shows the current Windows fluent version, other videos show the previous version but functionality is the same.

Plan Calibration

Calibrating Plan Scale
Pdf Import

Importing Pdf Plans
Resize Plan

Resizing and Cropping Large Plans

Setting defaults
Contacts Database

Customers, Sites and Suppliers Database

Creating assemblies/kits
Locating materials

Finding materials in the database
Simple Material Range Setup

Set discounts, material/labour groups
Multiple Material Ranges Setup

Set discounts, material/labour groups
Parts Database

Material Parts Database