Fair Use Support Policy

As a company we believe that software should be simple to install, simple to use and stable in use. To achieve this we strive to make our software intuitive to use running an active “wish list” whereby we can modify and improve our software based on feedback of our customers.

If we receive support queries we look at and modify the program, the help, or both to eliminate the query being raised in the future. As a result of this policy, we no longer have any customers requesting support contracts, which is a strong endorsement of our software.

So what happens if you did have a problem and need support? We appreciate that issues arise with computers from time to time and we offer support under our fair use policy. Unlike our competitors, we really do NOT want to charge you for support. As long a users follow our guidelines support is supplied free of charge over the internet. Exceptions are always possible and we cover this below.

What fair use covers
  • Installation advice.
  • Technical issues with our software.
  • Any fixes, patches or enhancements for the version of the application purchased.
  • Support requests received by email using the support request page on our web site.
What it does not cover
  • Anything that we are not responsible for, which includes but is not limited to the following:
  • Technical issues with any computer equipment or software that we did not supply.
  • Setting up your computer network, or maintaining your computer network where we did not set it up, i.e. your system administration work.
  • Consequences that result from negligence on the part of users.
  • Training sessions. - Program Help, Training Tutorials and Videos for our applications are included Free with the program. Training can be booked separately but really should not be necessary.
  • Support by phone, where we do not initiate the call. If you contact support by phone this will be chargeable unless we deem it necessary, in which case it will still be free.

If you have a query it is highly likely that someone else has already already asked the question and we have already provided the answer. If you have checked the help, then contact us online at www.pricelynx.co.uk. We will likely have a solution ready to send by return so that your query is resolved promptly. If we consider our best option is to call you then we will do so. We can also log on to you PC to resolve an issue. Essentially, we will choose what we consider the most appropriate method to expatiate a solution.

Please remember, Free support is provided as a gesture of good will to our customers not as part of any contract. For users that assume the fair use policy does not apply to them and pick up the phone as their first course of support, we will assume that they appreciate the value of our time and will charge for this time. From a moral stand point, we may be in the middle of supporting someone over the internet and interrupting support to another customer is not reasonable or acceptable. If the support is urgent and the phone is the most appropriate method we will initiate or request the call - our aim is to resolve the request as fast as possible.

We reserve the option to amend the policy or remove free support to any user at our sole discretion.

Free internet support enables requests to be handled more efficiently and faster than voice support. Urgent requests can be prioritised rather than waiting in a queue and are often answered outside of normal business hours, providing you with a more extensive and efficient service ... and it reduces your cost.

Our aim with support is to provide it by the most expedient method possible, give excellent customer service and build our customer relations, not to exploit customers for financial gain when they have a problem.