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New Invoicing Software Release

A free upgrade to the latest version of Invoicing software for all licensed users of this program is available.

Modifications to the program include the contracting industry Reverse Charge Vat changes due to be implemented by HMRC in October 2020.

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New Electrical Estimating Plan Takeoff Software

No need to print plans, no need to calculate measurements or use special measuring equipment. Just load the drawing plan, set the size and scale for the drawing, then takeoff on screen – Save time and effort with your electrical estimating takeoff. Measure linear runs, drops and rises simply with the click of a mouse.


For drawing which are not scaled, the software enables the scale to be set by calibrating against a known measurement.

Users of our Electrical Contract Estimating software can select electrical components, or complete assemblies from the parts database and mark their locations on the drawing. If you do not use our electrical estimating software then a generic name will be created, which you can edit if required.

Numerous plans can be contained within a project. Where the project is complex, sections can be entered within each plan, enabling the same plan to be used for separate takeoff areas of the job ie. Power, lighting, alarms, etc.

The contract estimating software can import material take-off lists created with the Plan Takeoff where costing can then be completed.

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New Electrical Contract Estimating Software

Powerquote estimating is being replace by the new Electrical Contract Estimating program to enable the very latest tecnology and even more features to be included.

A Complete New Suite of Software.

The past two years have been invested in producing the next generation of Pricelynx software. The new programs are not on general release yet, Electrical Contract Estimating has been out on beta test since August 2014. The rest of the suite is now ready as pre-release modules and will be included free of charge with the Contract Estimating which comes in two options: £750 for a single user version or £995 for a network version.

The suite includes:

  • Contract Estimating - £750 or £995 for a network version
  • Small Works Pricing - free
  • Service Maintenancefree
  • Material Orderingfree
  • Rates Clinic - free
  • Job Costing - free
  • Enquiry Contact Logging - free
  • Viper - free – for project payment applications and retention control.
  • Invoicingfree - includes retention & mcd percentage deductions – integrates with Viper

If you would like to take a look at the new suite we can provide an interactive preview, Q&A session for you.

* All prices exclude vat and are valid until October 2015. e&oe

There is also a new version of Powerquote available. This is a free upgrade as usual available for download. If you do not have your download details to hand just sent us an email and we’ll send them out to you.

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Latest Electrical Estimating Software

If you are subscribing to Powerquote electrical estimating software and database, and you do not have the latest free version upgrade, you can contact us for your download codes now

Aug 5, 2013

Material Order Processing Software for Electrical Estimating

A free upgrade is now available to all customers with the Material Ordering module.

As well as the usual options to import and consolidate material from PowerQuote Electrical Esimating Software and Small Works Costings Software. Materials can also be allocated to a Small Works job and/or selected Job Costing projects.

If you do not have this module you can find more details on the Material Ordering page.

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Latest Job Costing Software Release

With Job Costing users can import an estimate from Powerquote estimating software or set-up a job to cost independently.

Jobs can be split into sections with estimated costs entered for material, labour or expenses. As costs are posted against jobs a cost centre can also be entered, which will make in depth analysis available with the reporting system. Posted costs can also be exported for external accounts systems.

Job costing will allow you to analyse jobs to see how the final costs were in comparison to the estimated project so that you can improve on your estimated costing for future projects. It will also show weather your projects are making a profit.

Perhaps just as importantly, because the Job Costing system shows the on going actual costs and percentages completed against the estimated costs, you should become aware of potential problems before they get out of control allowing you to put the project back on an even keel.

Analysis of reports will show you essential information. At a top level jobs overview you will be able to see which jobs (and customers) return you the most profit and similarly those which you may consider best avoided in future.

Itemised detailed reports by cost centres will show you cost areas that you may otherwise have not been fully aware of. For example, sometimes jobs may go over budget. By running the reports you may see that the labour seems a little heavy and on closer analyses of more detailed reports find that there was corrective rework carried out. If this was as a result of incorrect work of a subcontractors, or a variation to the specified contract, you may be able to reclaim these cost.

Similarly, it may simply have been that work had to be carried out at overtime rates to avoid heavier penalties, but you will at least be aware of this potential problem for future project.

Analysis of your projects highlight what you are doing well and also areas where you can improve and become more profitable.

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Using Estimating and Service Maintenance Software just got easier

For those customers of the latest version of Powerquote Contract Estimating software, our Planned and Reactive Maintenance Service software and our Small Works Pricing and Invoicing software that are not already aware, users now have users now have access to a full set of training videos.

The videos cover all aspects of the applications. i.e. we cover the areas that we would cover if we were training you on site. In line with our free support policy these videos are free of charge for users of the above applications which means you get 24/7 training available free of charge.

If you are not a Pricelynx customer and are unfortunate enough to use a supplier that likes to sting you for training or support charges then you might be interested in reading further about the free support and training videos we provide to our customers.

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Planned Preventative Maintenance Service Software

The latest version of our Service Maintenance Software is now available.

New features include visual planners. The planners simplify scheduling of appointments and give you a visual view of your appointments, which are colour coded to show the job status at a glance.

The planners can be used in Calendar or Day mode. They enable you to create, drag & drop, stretch, shrink and edit appointment dates and duration visually. The planners support re-currency of appointments.

There is an appointment planner to schedule planned maintenance services and also reactive maintenance. A “ToDo” list lets you stack jobs, which you have to do but have not arranged appointment for. There is also a labour scheduler, which means you can see which engineers are available and schedule your labour appropriately.

Free training videos are now also available to provide support for set-up and on going use of the application.

If you are not familiar with the Planned Maintenance Service Software, the application helps organise the maintenance of equipment on sites. Services jobs can be raised, which produce a service form for engineer listing the relevant equipment items, location and full service requirements – so that nothing is missed. Service results are stored a service history file for the equipment along with other details of the equipment such as warranty date, service plan, location, etc. Once a job is raised, any extras can be added before the job is invoiced. Service reports can be produced for customers, as can Key Performance Indicator charts.

Further details and a video of the software can be found at the Planned Preventative Maintenance Service Software information page.

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Electrical Estimating Software for Contractors

Key Benefits of Electrical Estimating Software

The main areas where estimating software helps electrical contractors include:

Speed of Estimating Time –
  • Submit more tenders to increase your opportunities.
  • More time to control your jobs.
  • Produce a Schedule of Rates in Seconds.
Professional Presentation of Tenders –
  • Improve Your Success Rate – and Increase Your Profit Margins.
Greater Accuracy of Estimates Costs –
  • Know your True Costs – Make informed decisions on what mark-up to apply.
  • Avoid costly mistakes.
Helps Control your Projects –
  • Ready Prepared Material List.
  • Know Expected Labour Times for any section of works.

Why Pricelynx for your Electrical Estimating Software?

Free Training Videos and Support Included – No additional “back door” Cost

As an electrical estimator you may have used electrical cost estimating software before and will be aware that there are often a lot of hidden costs with estimation software. We stand behind our estimating software and do not believe that you should have to pay for expensive training; Moreover, support contracts should be unnecessary if the estimating software is stable.

Free Technical Support

Unlike others, we will not be asking you to pay for a technical support contract. Our estimating software is stable so why would you need it. For help with using the estimating software, we have comprehensive context sensitive help and training videos. We do not look to make money from support contracts, so we do not leave anything out. This means you do not need to waste your time and money on hold for a support desk. We do accept, however, that very occasionally a customer may come up with something we had not thought of – this why we provide FREE technical support under our fair use support policy for our electrical contractors as a backup.

Free Electrical Estimating Video Training 24/7

When you invest in one of our estimating software packages, we do not then ask you for more money to cover a training session, unlike competitors. It is important to us that you can use our estimating software successfully with the minimum of fuss and cost. Apart from this, it is well documented that only 15%-20% of subject matter covered on training courses actually gets assimilated. We provide a full and comprehensive electrical estimating video training course absolutely free of charge. The course is modulated into bite size tutorials so that when you are estimating and need help, as well as the standard context sensitive application help, you will also have context sensitive training videos available – just like having your own electrical estimating software tutor with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Cost Estimating Software that is Comprehensive

The multiple document interface gives you the ability to Open Multiple Estimate at the SAME time. You can then Cut and Paste Sections or Items as required between jobs in the contractor estimating software. The electrical cost estimating software supports powerful features such as enabling you to re-specify existing estimates with materials from alternate manufacturers. Our E-Quotation system includes a user definable Cover Letter with your signature, Estimate Tender Quotation and Terms and Conditions. All can be auto attached to your email in secure pdf format along with other selected (technical/etc) and emailed directly to your customer. Estimate Sections support multiple Sub-Sections and powerful estimation techniques make it simple to apply different mark-ups to each section, against the various Labour and Material elements, Commissioning and Maintenance values – with Full immediate visual feedback of the mark-up Amounts, Percentages and Gross Profit in the estimate. Mark-ups can be set as percentages or values to selected areas. Reports provide your electrical contracting business with a professional presentation. An overlay image of your company letterhead or logo can be applied to your reports, which cover everything expected in professional electrical estimating software – from initial estimate Tender submission through to various Schedules of Rates reports and Bill of Quantities. For contract management there are Material reports for Ordering by material fix if required. Expected labour time times for sections can be reported so the electrical installers know what is expected to complete on time. Estimate analysis shows conversion rates and profit values of won and lost estimates. The reports can be produced in many formats for spreadsheets, word processors, PDF, etc. and sent to printer, file, fax, screen or email.

Applications for Electrical Estimating that fits your business

Powerquote electrical estimating software is designed for electrical contractors to use in the estimation of electrical projects where you need to split the project into section and produce schedules of rate for your clients in the construction industry. We have another application that is designed for Small Works Costing is this is more your niche. For smaller electrical contractors the estimating application is available as simple stand alone estimation software. This can be upgraded to an advanced to a multi-user version as your electrical contracting business grows. Live price and material product updates from all the major electrical manufacturers and wholesalers is provided with the electrical product database. A choice of electrical databases and updating will suit the requirements and budgets of all electrical contractors. An SQL server database powers our electrical estimating software, which means it is very fast over a network with advanced search techniques to locate electrical materials on the database quickly.

Flexible AND Affordable Electrical Contractor Estimating Software

The electrical estimating package is compatible with all versions of Windows and a full bespoke service is available. You have all the tools you need to compete for and win more electrical contracts. More details, a demonstration video and costs are available from Pricelynx at the electrical estimating software page. Take a look now, or bookmark this page for later.

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