Bespoke Application Software Development

Pricelynx carry out bespoke application software development to your specification in Delphi, C# or C++. Our SQL database of choice is Firebird - it delivers a high degree of features and performance, is a free open source license, which saves our clients money. We are also happy to work with Microsoft SQL or other servers of your choice.

Projects are carried out on either a time-and-materials basis at a standard hourly rate, or a negotiated fixed-price basis.

Time and materials contracts are charged on a day rate basis, for time spent working on the project. The rate can vary depending on the roles required within the project and figures are available on request. An estimates of the total cost can be given in advance, once we can calculate the task involved.

Fixed price contracts are where we quote a price in advance for delivery of the software to the agreed specification and do not deviate from that figure. Variations to the specification for which we have quoted can be given if the need arises.

An initial consultation is free of charge, where we can discuss the project, general specification requirements and costs. From here we can either work from your specification or we draw one up together.

If we are involved in the specification then this part of the project is normally on a time and materials basis as we have no way of knowing in advance the amount of time involved. Once we have a specification we can then proceed on either a time and materials, or a fixed price basis.

Management and Control of the Software Development Project

Project Build

The specification will guide the project build and defines clearly the functionality of the application and how the project is going to progress and be managed to provide you a high quality delivery.

Testing and Reviewing

Testing is carried out in several phases. The strategy for testing will be dependent on the project but generally involves technical reviews to test the accuracy of software functionality. In house testing with appropriate test data (where data is involved) will be carried out before an initial beta version is released for on site testing, where any final tweaks and modifications can be implemented from user feedback.

Bug Tracking and Version

We monitor the application and log any bugs, new features, modifications. Each new build and release will have its own version number for the life cycle of the project.


Once we are happy that the application is functioning as per the specification and we have implemented any modifications from the on site field testing, we can then roll-out the release version for the users.

Post Roll-out

If the contract is a fixed price contract, we continue to work with you for a further period of time within that contract price, normally around three months. This is allows for fixes to any gremlins that users may have been missed on the field test. Contact us for more details, or to arrange an initial consultation.