Multi-Trade Estimating Software

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Multi-trade estimating software is for contractors or any industry that needs to price a component based process. It helps cut costing time, clarify estimated costs and time of a job and refine profit margins.

Consolidated material lists and schedule's of selling rates are instantly available along with management reports on material and labour costs, times and profit margins.

View your project costs and use the flexible "what if" mark-up system to fine tune profits and selling prices quickly. Replace guess work with informed decisions.

A database of materials for use with projects can either be compiled as you work, or we can create a custom database for you. Either way the choice of materials used will be yours, completely independent of any "sponsors". If you have a suitable list of materials and are interested in a custom product database contact us to discuss your requirements.

We offer single and multi-user software, which can be purchased or rented - both with free training videos and free technical support.

Time savings pay for the software quickly. Plus, you will have more time for other tasks, or maybe yourself if you find you are working evenings and weekends.

The Multi-Trade software integrates with our other modules Enquiry & Contact Logging, Job Costing, Service Maintenance, Invoicing and Viper - for payment applications & retention control to provide complete project control.

View the Electrical Estimating video for an initial overview. The principles the same, just different materials. There is a short video below that shows the main area of difference, which should be viewed in conjunction with the main estimating video. Please contact us if you would like to explore the possibilities in more detail.

Multi-Trade Plan Takeoff Software

Construction Plan Takeoff Software

If you take-off from PDF drawings save additional time and take-off direct from drawing images on screen. Linear runs, drops, rises, items and areas (square or cubic) can all be measured.

Multiple plans may be imported into projects and each plan may contain multiple sections, providing individual containers for ground works, carpentry work, brickwork, hvp, etc on each drawing.

Reports for consolidated material quantities, costs and time are available along with drawing image reports. Compiled material lists can be imported into the estimating module.

Auto calibration for ISO A4-A0, ANSI A-E and Architectural A-E is built in. Other sizes and unscaled drawings can be calibrated against know measurements to set the scale.

View the Multi-Trade Plan Takeoff video below for a quick overview.

Multi-Trades Videos

Note. The estimating takeoff area calculation video shows the main area where the multi-trade software differs from the electrical software and should be viewed in conjunction with the main Estimating video.

To watch videos, check speakers are on, click the icon at the bottom right of the video frame to view full size. If your screen is blank you may need to click a bar at the top of your browser to "allow blocked content".

Multi-Trade Plan Takoff

Construction Plan Takeoff overiew

Estimating Takeoff - Area Calculation

View in conjunction with main Estimating video

Main Estimating Video

Overview of the Electrical Estimating
(Same software different materials)

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To watch videos, check speakers are on, click the icon at the bottom right of the video frame to view full size. If your screen is blank you may need to click a bar at the top of your browser to "allow blocked content".

Estimating Videos
Estimating Overview

Producing an Estimate
Estimating Defaults

Setting estimate defaults
Estimating Area Takeoff

Area Calculator
Starting an Estimate

Creating Estimate and Sections
Locating Estimates / Analysis

Findings estimates / analysing conversion
Locating materials

Finding materials in the database
Add/Edit Take-off

Add and edit take-off items
Editing Sections

Editing at section level
Copy And Paste

Copy & paste items/sections/estimates
Provisional Sums / Preliminary Costs

Provisional sums and (hidden) prelims
Profit Mark-up

Editing mark-up overall or by section
Gang Rates

Multiple skill rates with travel & lodging
Take-off Filter

Filter take-off for items with specific criteria

Estimate report options
Report Settings

Report header/footer and overlay
Database Videos
Contacts Database

Customers, Sites and Suppliers Database
Parts Database

Material Parts Database

Creating assemblies/kits
Simple Material Range Setup

Set discounts, material/labour groups
Multiple Material Ranges Setup

Set discounts, material/labour groups
Plan Takeoff Videos
Multi-Trade Plan Takoff

Construction Plan Takeoff overview
Plan Takeoff Defaults

Setting defaults
Pdf Import

Importing Pdf Plans
Plan Calibration

Calibrating Plan Scale
Plan Takeoff - Resize Plan

Resizing and Cropping Large Plans