Free Electrical Estimating Software Video Training Course

To ensure our customers get full value from our electrical contractor costing software, we provide a full course of electrical estimating software training videos worth £195 - absolutely free of charge with the software.

It is well documented that only around 20% of information is assimilated on a training course. So when you get back to your office you have forgotten 80% of what was covered in the course!

With our free electrical estimating software video training course, you cover the same ground we cover on a one to one training course, plus you also have training available 24/7 - as and when you need it. You can run your training video and be back up to speed in minutes with your estimating.

20 electrical estimating videos providing almost 3 hours of end to end training. These are broken up into a full overview video lasting 50 minutes followed by bite sized training sessions with most lasting between 4 to 12 minutes and covering the topics you need to produce estimates.

Free Training Videos are also available with our other software modules.

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