Contractor Invoicing Software

Contractor Invoicing Software

The invoicing software enables the production and tracking of invoices, payments made against each invoice along with any outstanding amounts.

If using the VIPER module to track project valuation/payment applications and retentions, then the invoicing enables selection of the project and payment application, which sets the main contractors discount% and retention% to be deducted along with the values for the individual payment application. Any variation value is entered separately and when the invoice is posted the project values within Viper are automatically updated to reflect the interim or retention invoice that has been raised.

Invoices can be raised in a number of ways.

  • Simple total only invoices can be raised where you just wish to enter text and a total amount.
  • Itemised invoices can be produced where more detail is required and the total is calculated based on the items that you enter.

There are numerous ways in which to add items to an invoice.

  • Select from a user defined invoice items database
  • Enter an ad-hoc description and rate as required.
  • Import rates from estimates that have be produced in the Contract Estimating module.
  • These can be:
    • Section rates
    • Assembly rates
    • Unit rates
    • Bill rates
  • Import costs from jobs you have produced in the Small Works module.
  • These can be:
    • Non itemised where it will pull in just the total value of the job.
    • Totals only where it will pull in the total values for each of the Material, Labour, Expenses and Travel sections.
    • Fully itemised where will pull in a fully itemised list of the Materials, Labour, Expenses and Travel entries.

The software handles Reverse Charge Vat.

Payments can be entered against invoices. If you are using Viper then the the relevant project values are automatically updated with the payments made.

A debtors report can be produced with outstanding payments, as can statement report for customers showing the same.

Contractor Invoicing Software Video

An overview of the contractor invoicing software. After viewing the video we can provide you with a fully interactive live demonstration where you can see the software in detail and ask any questions.

To view the video full size, click the arrows icon at the bottom right of the video frame bar. Make sure your speakers are switched on to view this video. If your screen is blank you may need to click a bar at the top of your browser to "allow blocked content".