Job Costing Software

Contractor Job Costing Software

The Job Costing software provides an ongoing watch over the estimated costs of a job as it progresses. It will also provide detailed analysis of the job.

Initial job cost can be imported from our estimating software or manually set up. Costs can be posted against the complete job or individual sections of the job. For convenience and basic use cost can be placed against Labour, Material or Expenses. For more detailed analysis of the job, costs can also be entered against an unlimited number of cost centres.

Cost centres allow for detailed analysis reports to be produced, which can show for example why and how the job is going, or went, over budget. For example, labour may have gone over budget because of time unnecessarily spent correcting original workmanship, or overtime rates may have been paid to avoid penalty clauses. Using cost centres will allow you to extract and highlight this information.

Apart from very detailed analysis reports, summaries of all jobs can be listed showing actual against estimate cost and there profitability. The summaries can be listed in various orders of selection, by profitability for example, so you can see at a glance which jobs are profitable and know which jobs to take or avoid in the future. As costs are posted to the jobs, information can also be exported for use by systems like Sage Accounts to use.

Job Costing Software Video

An overview of the contractor job costing software. After viewing the video we can provide you with a fully interactive live demonstration where you can see the software in detail and ask any questions.

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